Skate parks

Some of New Zealand’s most talented skateboarders have honed their skills in Porirua’s skate parks.

Porirua skate park

We’d argue the 900m2 park is one of the most aesthetic in New Zealand sporting 3D images of Te Awarua-o-Porirua and ‘fiery skate bowl’; plus it’s an awesome bowl in its own right with floodlights for all-day and night skating and includes banks, rails, grinders, and fun boxes to show off your skills. It’s right by a bus stop and near the railway station so super handy to get to.

The skate park's design brings to life the local Ngāti Toa story of Awarua the Porirua Harbour Taniwha who wanted to fly.  It was designed by Porirua Community Arts Council member Moses Viliamu, and interpreted and painted in 3D by Mark Spijkerbosch, an internationally regarded artist in December 2016.  The project was a partnership by the Arts Council, Ngāti Toa, the community and the Porirua City Council.

skate park,poirura.JPG

Whitby skate park

If you’re in the suburbs, check out Whitby skate park (Adventure Park), which is 30m long and 14m wide and features curved and straight ramps, and flood-lights that let you skate at night up to 10pm. 

Pukerua Bay skate park

Pukerua Bay skate park, next to the railway station.  "Pukerua Bay skatepark has stairs and a handrail, plus enough banks, quarter-pipes and vert to keep everyone happy.” – The Skatepark Hunter

Sievers Grove

Sievers Grove is home to the Southern Hemisphere’s oldest (some would say ‘retro’) bowl that is a 1970s long-board classic.

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