Picking up or dropping off kids at school?

During the school run, choose safe parking every time

Choose safe parking every time

Everyone’s ‘only here for a minute or two’ but where and how you park matters – our tamariki can’t be seen if we park illegally.

Download the Safer parking near schools brochure here

Choose active travel options

We're all about encouraging kids to find safe active ways to get to school - on foot or bike. Take a look at this great initiative by Papakowhai School which worked with us, Enviroschools, and Greater Wellington Regional council to take action around active travel.

Safer school runs

If you’re stopping and parking near a school, choose safe parking every time.

When children arrive at or leave school each day, how you park and drive can protect them or put them in danger.

Drivers and children need good visibility around schools to be able to see each other. Parking restrictions are in place near schools for a reason – to protect our tamariki.

If you choose to stop or park illegally you could get fined.

Stopped/parked: Fine
On broken yellow lines $60
Within 6 metres of a pedestrian crossing $60
Within 6 metres of an intersection $60
On the footpath $40
Over or within 1 metre of a vehicle entrance $40
Within 50cm of a fire hydrant with no one in a car legally capable of moving it $40
Closer than 6 metres to a bus stop or on a marked bus stop $40
On roadside grass plot, shrubs or flower beds $40
In a way that’s inconsiderate to other road users, including pedestrians $60
Double parked $60