Road safety tips

We want you to keep safe when travelling during the summer season. Here's a few of our best tips for drivers.

Planning your trip

Plan for your trip carefully, and allow more time than usual.  This takes the time and stress out of the journey.  Factor in rest stops every couple of hours to avoid fatigue.

Check the vehicle's water and oil levels, and your tyre pressure.  On a small car it should be 32psi, a medium car 36psi, and on a large vehicle 40psi.  The tyre tread should be 1.5mm minimum to ensure good grip on the road surface.

Keep to the speed limits

Remember the lower policing tolerances during the holiday period for exceeding the speed limit.

Stay comfortable by leaving a safe following gap.

Position your vehicle on the road by having the driver seated in the middle of the lane.  This correctly positions the car on the lane to the left.

Cellphones are a distraction

Cellphones are a major distraction and cause crashes.

Set up blue tooth on your car for hands-free use.

Your passenger can answer your calls for you.

Be careful at intersections

About 20% of all crashes occur at intersections.

Stop means 'STOP'. Be prepared to stop at traffic lights.  It is an offence to speed up at intersections and run a red light.

Alcohol and drugs

Driving drunk or drugged causes 30% of all crashes.  

Avoid all alcohol or drugs 24 hours before driving.

Put your headlights on

Be seen at all times, so turn your headlights on.  Fog lights should only be used in foggy conditions.

Wear your seat belts

Seat belts and child safety restraints should be used at all times.

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