Transport fees and charges

Transport fees and charges in Porirua City

You need approval to work in the Porirua City road corridor or to bring an overweight vehicle onto our roads.  The following schedule of fees and charges outlines what cost will be involved.

Road Controlling Authority - Fees for Corridor Access Request, see below or download here.

Staff Costs

Staff Costs
Temporary Traffic Management Auditors per hour $128.00
Corridor Access Officer per hour $119.00
Officer - Notifications and revisits as required per hour $157.00
Traffic Management Coordinator (TMC)
Pre-work visit for projects and major works per hour
Corridor Manager per hour $190.00

Processing a CAR

Corridor Access Request (CAR) processing - Minor works $62.00
CAR processing - Major Works $163.00
CAR processing - Project Works As assessed
Reviews of Traffic Management Plans $95.00

Urgent CAR application (additional to base application)

Minor $138.00
Major $307.00
Project $307.00

Site Inspection

Pre-work visits/reviews for major or project works $119.00
Final inspections $119.00
Notifications and revisits as required $157.00

Receiving a Corridor Access Request (CAR)

Minor $276.00
Major $615.00
Project $615.00 or 80% of assessed processing time based on $126.00/hour
Generic Traffic Management Plan (GTMP) $615.00
Parent CAR $157.00
Child CAR $181.00
Non-Conformance Notice (NCN) $237.00
Work Access Permit (WAP) Extension $60.00
Vehicle Crossing $276.00
Events $276.00
Containers $60.00
Skip Bins $60.00

Parking meters or designated parking areas

Time Restricted per car park $59.00

Pay & Display

Per car park $41.00

Overweight Permit Application & Officer Administration

Single trip $81.00
Multiple trips $81.00
Area & Continuous $126.00