Information for Candidates

Candidates' Questions and Answers

During the pre-election period any information given to one candidate must be shared with all candidates. These are the questions which have been asked by candiadates and our responses.  

  1. Can I hand out flyers to people in the CBD and if so do I need a permit? 

    Yes you can hand out flyers in the CBD but will require approval to do so. You can do this by emailing a request containing the following details:
    - reason
    - location
    - dates/times
    - clean up plan (eg. walking around the area checking for flyers that may have been dumped after each handout)

    Your request should be emailed to [email protected] or posted to Chief Executive, Porirua City Council, PO Box 50218, Porirua.

  2. Can I stand on the roadside footpath with a placard?

    Yes you can if you are not within 50m of an intersection and not obstructing pedestrians.

  3. If my home is 50 or 51 metres (not less than 50m) from an intersection can I put a sign on my boundary fence or in the front garden?

    Yes this is fine, however you are required to apply for the permit as mentioned above.

  4. Whats been done about dangerous driving on Awarua Street near Mana College and Porirua School and chicanes causing issues for buses travelling on Jillett Street?

    Over the past few years, Porirua City Council has received complaints from Awarua St residents, as well as those living in adjoining streets, about the speed of vehicles on the street and the impact on safety.  

    In September 2018 a range of speed calming measures were introduced along the street to help slow vehicles down, particularly along the straight between Titahi Bay Road and Kahika Grove, as well as past the college.

    In the 10 years prior to this work there was 15 reported crashes along Awarua Street and it is pleasing to note that there have been no reported crashes since these measures were put in place. Due to recent staff changes within the transport team the new road safety engineer will be undertaking a review of this project, which will include a speed survey. It is understood that this is scheduled to happen later this year.  

    Regarding Jillet Street, our road safety engineer has reviewed the chicanes referred to in your email and concludes that there are improvements that can be made, including improved signage and markings. The removal of parking on the approaches to these chicanes is being looked into as well. As with Awarua Street, a speed survey will be undertaken later in the year to assess whether vehicle speeds have in fact reduced since the chicanes were installed.   

  5. Can I get a list of those that have voted?

    To obtain a list of those that have voted (not how they’ve voted) please send your request to [email protected]

     Please note the following:

    - A request can only be made for the area in which the candidate is standing
    - The request must come from the candidate or the candidate’s scrutineer (if you wish to appoint a scrutineer you are required to complete the “Appointment of Scrutineer” form at the back of the Candidate Handbook)
    - The information will be provided electronically in an excel spreadsheet
    - The list is sent out on a Tuesday and/or Friday over the voting period on request
    - There is a cost of $50 for each list provided

  6. Is a marked roll available?

    A marked roll for 2019 is not available until after the election.  This is the final roll with a line through who voted.  It will only be available in hard copy and there is a charge for this roll.

  7. When do electoral signs have to be taken down?

    Removal of Electoral Signs: All electoral signs, posters and placards must be removed by midnight Friday 11 October.

  8. Can I continue to campaign on Saturday morning? Such as distribute leaflets and door-knock?

    Yes candidates can continue to campaign, however it wouldn’t be appropriate to do this near a ballot box, such as the City Library or PCC Service Centre at 18 Hartham Place.

Why should I stand for Council?

Councillors and the Mayor play a crucial role in the key decisions that affect and shape our city.

From important funding decisions to setting the overall direction our city takes, our 10 Councillors and Mayor are critical players in creating the kind of city we all want to live and work in.  

If you are passionate about developing Council policies that will help Porirua meet the challenges its facing, and representing our city and its people, then you could be the right person to stand for Council. 

Find out everything you need to know  about standing for Council by reading our Candidate Information Handbook (PDF 1.88MB)

How do I stand for Council?

(Note - nominations for 2019 have closed)

In order to stand for election and candidate needs to be:

  • A New Zealand citizen (by birth or citizenship ceremony); and,
  • Enrolled as a Parliamentary elector (anywhere in New Zealand); and,
  • Nominated by two electors whose names appear on the electoral roll within the respective area that a candidate is standing for.
  • Nominated between Friday 19 July 2019 and noon on Friday 16 August:
  • Nominations are now closed

You can nominate a candidate for the following positions:

  • Mayor 
  • 10 Councillor positions

At the Local Elections Candidates stand for the following Council positions in our three Electoral Wards:

Nominate a Candidate

To stand for election you must be nominated by two people who are registered on the electoral roll within the ward you are standing.

Nomination papers:

You can also get hold of nomination papers in a number of ways:

Candidate Donations

To help candidates navigate the rules around donations, the New Zealand Society of Local Government managers have prepared some simple advice.

Need a hand?

Additional information on standing for Council can be found in our 2019 Candidate Information Handbook on our website towards the top of this page.

Please feel free to contact us if you need more information:

Lynlee Baily, Manager Democratic Services/Deputy Electoral Officer

Phone (04) 237 5089

Email [email protected]


Dale Ofsoske, Electoral Officer

Independent Election Services Ltd

Phone 0800 922 822

Email [email protected]