Jimmy Isaako

Jimmy Isaako



My principal place of residence is not in the Eastern/Pāuatahanui ki te uunga mai o te ra Ward area.

I'm Jimmy Isaako standing for Eastern Ward.

I live in Whitby  but have lived the majority of my life in Porirua East (40 plus years).

My business is based in the East as are the majority of my family & friends.

My priorities are: Jumpstart; the local Economy; the wellbeing and inclusiveness of the community and community awareness and participation.

I believe I also need to prioritise the needs of the Young, Elderly, People with Disabilities and the marginalised.

I believe Council budgets needs to focus on core services, priorities and results.

I believe a candidate should stand up for Social Justice and be loyal to their Position.

I believe I am that candidate. 

A vote for me is a vote for Change.

A vote for me is a vote for You.

Contact: [email protected]