Moze Galo

Moze Galo


My principal place of residence is in the Eastern/Pāuatahanui ki te uunga mai o te ra Ward area.

I am Moze Galo.

Born in Porirua, I grew up in the east, I love the east for what it has instilled in me, my values, my sense of belonging.  That's why I call it home to this day.

I want to create a youth hub, to foster innovation and education through what I consider to be the modern day literacy, that being technology focused curriculum, whether it's electrical engineering or software engineering, our children need these skills for the modern day work force.

The potential of the east is untapped, we have an abundance of talent in the arts, in sport, in science, in leadership, I want to create opportunity for all our people to be able to strive for better, to stand above their current station.

I have the connections and relationships, to put the creators with the consumers.

A vote for me, is a vote for us.

Contact: [email protected]