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Council wrap - 24 August


A meeting of the full Porirua City Council was held this morning, Thursday 24 August.

Here is a wrap of the meeting:

  • Porirua Mayor Anita Baker outlined her activities in the past month, including attending a Jubilee Cup rugby match and the South Africa vs Sweden FIFA World Cup game; herself and some councillors attending the Local Government conference; helping out with a clean-up day around Cannons Creek Lakes; attending the Porirua Little Theatre production of Little Shop of Horrors, celebrating Cook Islands Language Week; speaking at the Whitby Women’s Institute; unveiling a new seat at Plimmerton Domain and much more.
  • Council confirmed recommendations from the committee meetings held since the last Council meeting on 20 July.
  • Council then received a report for small changes to the agreement and terms of reference for the Wellington Regional Leadership Committee. They agreed to allow the committee to have greater decision-making ability, rather than having to get approval from each of the 10 councils involved in the committee. The Council also voted to appoint Councillor Ross Leggett to be a member of the subcommittee for hearing submissions and making recommendations on the draft Future Development Strategy (or any updates to it).
  • Finally, Council received a debrief report on the 2022 local elections. This included a debate about the merits of the Single Transferrable Vote (STV) voting system, which is currently used in Porirua, versus the First Past the Post (FPP) system. Cr Mike Duncan put forward a motion that for future elections Porirua change from STV to FPP, on the basis that STV is too complex and discourages voting. After a variety of viewpoints were shared, the Council voted to stick with STV. You can watch the debate and hear the different views here:

There were no speakers in the public forum.

You can read the agenda and full reports here or watch the livestream of the meeting here:

On the meetings page of our website you can also see what meetings are coming up, with agendas posted a few days before each meeting. The public is welcome to attend most meetings and they are also livestreamed.

24 Aug 2023