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Dog registrations now due


Dog owners should have received registration letters by now.

Dog registration fees in Porirua are now due.

Many Porirua dog owners would have received letters in recent weeks, informing them of the fees for 2019/20.

Leonie McPhail, Manager Monitoring & Compliance, says registration fees pay for a number of services in our city, including dog patrols, public education, running the pound service to house lost or roaming dogs, investigating dog attacks, and responding to complaints.

“We know that many owners would have received their letters, but it’s easy to get in contact with us if this hasn’t happened,” Ms McPhail said.

“Dogs that are registered and wear a tag are more easily identified and can be returned to owners quickly if they are found.”

There is a fee for late registration, which will apply if unpaid by the end of July.

Before the end of June 2020, please note you can get a discount on the fee if:

  • Your dog is neutered
  • You apply to become a 'responsible dog owner', which includes microchipping and a fully fenced section
  • Your dog has a current obedience certificate.

For information on renewing your dog registration, costs and different options to pay, go to the Porirua City Council website and search for ‘register your dog’.


2 Jul 2019