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Recycling reminders - please rinse!

news - recycling reminders

It’s been a year since wheelie bins were rolled out in Porirua to replace crates for kerbside recycling.

Porirua City Council Manager Water and Waste David Down says the bins have been a popular addition to Porirua households, but there are some simple steps we can all take to make sure the system works really well.

“Most of all, it’s really important to rinse your recycling and remove any rubbish – otherwise things get dirty and can’t be recycled,” Mr Down says.

“You can also get situations where things like grass clippings go in a bin and end up contaminating a whole truck load – so something small can have a big impact.

“We’d like everyone to really focus on this so we can make sure things that are intended for recycling don’t end up having to be landfilled.”

Wheelie bins were rolled out to more than 18,000 households in Porirua last year, with the new service beginning on 1 July.

The service was later extended to all schools and preschools.

Each household has two bins – one for mixed recycling and one for glass. Mixed recycling bins are emptied every two weeks and glass bins every four weeks.

“With the new Antenno app you need never miss a recycling day,” says Mr Down. “Download this free app from the App Store or Google Play, register your address and you’ll get a reminder the night before your recycling needs to go out.”

Alternatively, calendars for the year from July 2019 will be available for downloading from our website soon.

Recycling checklist:

  • Rinse recycling and remove rubbish.
  • Wheel your bin/s out to the kerb or collection point by 8am on your collection day if you’re a resident, or 9am if you’re a school or preschool.
  • Make sure your bin is facing the road – writing-side out. Also keep it well away from any letterboxes or poles so the truck can grab it.
  • Do up the nifty clip that comes with your mixed recycling bin so nothing spills out and blows around if it falls over.

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24 Jun 2019