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Spicer Landfill fees rise due to Government levy

Managing Spicer Landfill

After a $20 per tonne rise in the Government’s Waste Levy, fees at Spicer Landfill will go up by 20.96 per cent, while Council rubbish bags will now cost $4 (50c more), from 1 July.

David Down, Porirua City’s Manager Water and Waste, says the Council has no option but to pass these costs on to landfill users, rather than adding them to general rates.

“We don’t like raising our charges, but the increase to the waste levy and high fuel costs mean this is happening across the region, at the Southern and Silverstream landfills as well as here at Spicer.

“Waste minimisation is a focus of central government, with the overall plan to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills, and it will use the revenue gathered for waste recovery and other minimisation efforts.”

A full schedule of new charges can be found here.

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29 Jun 2023