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Spinnaker Dr slip update

Spinnaker slip1

This update has been shared with the most closely affected parties, and letters are being sent to all properties on the detour route to keep everyone in the loop on where things are at.

As a reminder, the slip is a much bigger issue than it appears from a casual glance. The site is like an iceberg with a large volume of material that may still be moving. We’ve been told by geotech experts that if we modify the base of the slope the whole thing might come down. Our first priority is safety, which is why the area is secured.

We’ve been looking at what it would take to temporarily reopen Spinnaker Drive to allow some vehicle access, prior to a full, final repair. Unfortunately, this has been ruled out due to cost.
Temporarily opening two lanes would require significant earthworks and retaining works, which could cost as much as two-thirds of the expected permanent solution.

Opening one lane only would require less earthworks, but the associated active traffic management is estimated to cost between $500 and $1000 a day – depending on whether traffic flowed just one way (downhill) or both ways (minimising queuing issues on SH58).

As a result, given there remains a viable alternative route, temporary solutions have been deemed an unwise use of public money, and we are pushing on to implement a permanent solution ASAP.

The next step will be a public tender process to engage a company able to deliver the final testing and design work required for the permanent repair. This is underway. We’ll then undertake a further public tender for a construction company to implement the permanent repair. This process is expected to take at least six to eight months.

We know these timeframes will be frustrating for some residents, but we are mindful (especially in this economic climate) of making sensible decisions when spending ratepayer money. We also want to make sure that the permanent solution we land on is the right one – with the goal to do it once and do it right.

For updates on what is happening with this slip, and all other road closures and temporary speed restrictions, visit our dedicated webpage here.

Thanks for your patience.

1 May 2024