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Taller buildings on the cards for residential areas

Six storey building example.jpg

Example of how a six-storey building could look (Source: 28 Feb 2022)

Consultation is now open on a change to planning rules that will allow taller buildings to be built in residential areas.

To address issues of housing supply, the Government has directed all councils to change their District Plans to enable three-storey (medium density) houses in all residential areas. Councils must also identify parts of the city where even taller (high density) buildings of up to six storeys can be built, within walking distance of the city centre, public transport or local centres.

At Porirua City, we’ve done this by drafting Variation 1 to the Proposed District Plan and Plan Change 19 to the Operative District Plan, says Stewart McKenzie, Manager Environment and City Planning.

The Council is also proposing to rezone land near Pukerua Bay for urban development.

“Our city is growing, and this means some of our planning rules have to change to allow for greater housing density and more housing choices in our city,” Mr McKenzie says.

“The District Plan is the city’s rulebook for how land can be used. It applies to every property in Porirua, and provides the blueprint for how the city will grow. It also sets out how we will look after the things that we value.

“This is why it’s important for our people to be involved in these decisions and conversations.”

Consultation is open from today until 12 September.

“You can make a formal submission on the variation or rezoning, and have the option to speak at a hearing if you wish – so tell us what you think.”

Because the planning documents are technical and complex, the planning team are happy to answer questions and help people understand how they may apply to individual properties.

To arrange a chat with a member of the planning team email [email protected] or call 237 5089.

Council also offers an independent ‘Friend of the Submitter’ service, which you can access by emailing [email protected] or calling 021 532 284.

To find out more, view the variation and plan change, or to make a submission, visit

11 Aug 2022