Northern Growth Development Area

We are proposing to rezone land near Pukerua Bay for urban development through Variation 1 to the Proposed District Plan to meet Council’s obligations to enable increased housing supply and intensification in accordance with the Resource Management (Enabling Housing Supply and Other Matters) Amendment Act.

The intent of the proposal, which includes a structure plan, is to enable an integrated and holistic approach to be taken towards the management of environmental effects and the provision of infrastructure.

Zoning changes proposed

Currently, under the Proposed District Plan the site is zoned Future Urban Zone and Rural Lifestyle Zone. The Future Urban Zone applies to land that Council has identified as being suitable for future residential use through the Porirua Growth Strategy 2048.

The Proposed District Plan sets out a framework for Future Urban Zoned land to be rezoned to urban zones through a variation or change to the plan.

Variation 1 seeks to rezone the majority of the site to Medium Density Residential Zone along with a Local Centre Zone and areas of Open Space Zone. Some areas have been deemed unsuitable for residential development and will remain as Rural Lifestyle Zone.

Structure Plan

The Proposed District Plan requires a structure plan be prepared to inform the rezoning of a Future Urban Zoned area.

Structure plans address matters including: how the development fits with the landscape, ecological areas for protection, managing stormwater runoff, identifying transport routes and determining appropriate zoning.

A Structure Plan has been prepared as part of Variation 1:

Final Structure Plan for Northern Growth Development Area

Supporting information

Technical reports have been developed to support the rezoning, and these provide extensive detail on resource management issues relevant to the site.

An Evaluation report was also prepared by Council in line with the requirements of Section 32 of the Resource Management Act.

Have your say

Council notified Variation 1 and Plan Change 19 on 11 August 2022.

View Variation 1 and Plan Change 19 and make a submission. Submissions must be received by 5pm Monday 12 September 2022.