Proposed District Plan

We’re updating our District Plan to ensure it enables economic and residential growth while protecting the things that make Porirua special.

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The District Plan is the rulebook for how land can be used. It applies to every property in the city, and provides the blueprint for how Porirua will grow. It also sets out how we will look after the things in our city that we value. We therefore encourage you to take this opportunity to help shape Porirua’s future.

The Proposed District Plan (PDP) was notified on 28 August 2020.

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District Plan Review Timeline

District Plan Review Timeline

Public Notification

  • The Proposed District Plan was publicly notified on 28 August 2020 with a call for submissions (see official public notice).
  • Evaluation reports were also notified in line with section 32 of the RMA: section 32 plan evaluation reports.
  • Under the RMA, the Council has a period of two years in which to make decisions on submissions after it is publicly notified.

Submissions close

  • The submissions period ran from 28 August to 20 November 2020.
  • We had a great response to our call for submissions with 274 submissions received, containing just over 4,000 submission points.

👉 Further submissions

  • Summary of Decisions Requested reports were publicly notified on 13 April 2021 (see official public notice).
  • These reports are available on our Submissions and Further Submissions webpage, as well as at Council reception and at all Porirua libraries.
  • The submissions period ran from 13 April 2021 to 11 May 2021.
  • A further submission period of 10 working days was held on a small number of submission points identified in an errata (see official public notice).
  • We received a total of 70 further submissions.
  • Our planning team is now considering all of the submissions received in detail. We are producing a series of officers' reports based on topics with recommendations regarding the submission points made and decisions sought.     
  • This process will take a few months and may involve meetings with submitters to further understand their points. 
  • A Hearing Panel has been appointed, more information is available on our Hearings webpage.


  • Hearings on the PDP will commence from late September 2021. They will be conducted by an independent panel of qualified commissioners.
  • The Hearings Panel will consider all submissions and officers' recommendations. 
  • Again, this process will take several months, more information is available on our Hearings webpage.

Friend of the Submitters Service

We understand that RMA processes can be a little daunting so a 'Friend of Submitters', Emily Bayliss, has been available through the submission period to assist submitters. Emily will continue to be available to help submitters in the lead-up to the hearings.

Emily is a qualified planner who is fully independent and has had no involvement in developing the Proposed District Plan. A brief introduction from Emily is available here.

To contact Emily for assistance please email or phone 021 532 284.

The Friend of Submitters service is provided by the Council to remove barriers and foster participation in the Proposed District Plan

Get in touch

The Proposed District Plan is a complex document and we would welcome the opportunity to help you understand it. If you would like to talk to a member of our friendly planning team please email or call us on: or call 04 237 5089.

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