Responding to growth

Population projections used to develop the Porirua Growth Strategy 2048 show that we will not have enough housing for our growing city within 3 years. The streamlined planning process (SPP) allows us to use a customised planning process to address this projected shortfall and improve social and economic outcomes for our community as well as managing environmental effects. 


What is the streamlined planning process?

The streamlined planning process will enable Porirua to respond quickly to meet our housing needs while ensuring high quality development is achieved. The process will allow us to take a more targeted approach as we engage with our community on how our city grows. 

Porirua Development

The government is working alongside the community, Porirua City Council and iwi Ngāti Toa Rangitira, to make eastern Porirua a better place to live, work and raise a family. The project is being run on the ground by HLC, a subsidiary of Housing New Zealand. 

Plimmerton Farm

The Plimmerton Farm Proposed Plan Change is a Council initiated plan change to rezone the 384 hectare Plimmerton Farm site. The proposed rezoning would enable the land to be developed for residential and employment purposes as indicated in the Porirua Growth Strategy 2048.