City planning & reporting

Planning and reporting on our mahi is a key strategic activity.

Maungaroa 2050 Māori Strategy

The Maungaroa 2050 Māori Strategy provides a roadmap for Porirua City to support, elevate and enable the future aspirations of Māori.

Ola Kamataga – Beginning of Life 2024-2027

Porirua Pacific Strategy. Kia orana, Noa’ia, Talofa lava, Mauri, Mālō e lelei, Tālofa, Ni Sa Bula Vinaka, Fakaalofa lahi atu, Mālō ni, Mauri, alo, Halo Olaketa, warm Pacific greetings.

Reserves management

We know how much you love our wonderful parks, maunga and reserves. We need to care for these places so that future generations will also be able to play and to enjoy our heritage.

Council's mahi. It's a big job

We work to ensure the wellbeing and hauora of Porirua City, today and tomorrow. This means balancing social, economic, cultural and environmental issues. We value democratic decision-making so we work closely with our community on these issues so that our decisions reflect community values.

Our strategic priorities

Porirua is already a great place to live, work and raise a family but we need to look to the future. We have identified four priorities that we think are key foundations for the city to succeed.

Long-term planning

Our Long-term Plan (LTP) sets out the priorities, projects and activities we’ll be focusing on over the next 30 years.

District Plan

The District Plan directs how we change, develop and use our environment, as well as how we protect and safeguard it for future generations.

Our Annual Plan 2023/24

Every year we plan for the coming year. The Annual Plan is made after receiving input from you about the services you need. The plan also outlines major projects we are undertaking, and how these will be paid for.

Annual reporting

Our annual report shows how well we’ve managed our projects, services and financial performance against the original intentions of the Long-term Plan (LTP).

Statistics & monitoring

Good information helps us make good decisions for our city and to monitor our progress.

Porirua Growth Strategy 2053

Our growth strategy informs, guides and influences the distribution of people, activities and spaces within our growing and changing city.

Climate change

Our climate is changing and it’s affecting our communities.

COVID-19 Recovery Plan

Our Recovery Plan is a living document which has been developed by drawing on a wide range of national and local data and insights shaped from ongoing community engagement. You can view our initiatives and track our progress here.