Council's mahi. It's a big job

We work to ensure the wellbeing and hauora of Porirua City, today and tomorrow. This means balancing social, economic, cultural and environmental issues. We value democratic decision-making so we work closely with our community on these issues so that our decisions reflect community values.

The Council's role

  • finding solutions to local needs 
  • representing our needs to central government and other local authorities and agencies 
  • developing local resources 
  • managing local network infrastructure (roads, sewage disposal, water, stormwater) and community infrastructure (libraries, parks and recreational facilities) 
  • looking after the environment
  • planning for Porirua City’s future needs. 

All of our services fall into five groups of activities:

1. Ko te Kāwanatanga a iwi - Democratic process

Through our democratic process, you have the opportunity to make decisions about local issues through your elected representatives on the council, and the Mayor and councillors have the support they need to perform their duties.  

Democratic process also enables Porirua to be represented on the:

  • Porirua Licensing Trust
  • Greater Wellington (Regional Council) 
  • Capital and Coast District Health Board.

2. Ngā tikanga whakaatu, me te tākaro pūangi - Culture and recreation

Cultural and recreational facilities play an important part in enriching our lifestyles and making Porirua City such a great place to live.  

As part of our role, we:

  • develop and look after sports fields, courts, playgrounds, indoor facilities and an extensive recreation programme
  • take care of the district’s beaches, and develop and maintain parks and reserves
  • provide landscaping throughout the city
  • provide facilities for burial and cremation.

We also manage community services such as:

  • Porirua Library
  • Pātaka Museum of Arts and Cultures
  • sister city agreements
  • Creative Communities grants
  • cultural festivals and events, and Christmas activities.

3. Ko te taiao, ngā whakahaerenga moni, me te iwi whānui - Environment, economy and community

We lead and support our community as it grows and changes, to make sure Porirua City can meet the challenges and needs of the future.  We also consult with you to make sure planned economic and social development is appropriate and cost-effective.

Our activities in this area include:

  • developing and monitoring the District Plan
  • processing resource consent applications
  • wider environmental investigations, such as the Pāuatahanui Inlet Action Plan. 

4. Ko te hauora me te whakarurutanga - Health and safety

As part of our role to protect health and provide for the welfare, wellbeing and interests of our community, we monitor and control activities that affect public health and safety in Porirua City, including:

  • buildings control
  • environmental health services
  • dog and stock control
  • bylaw control and enforcement
  • emergency management.

5. Ngā whakapainga a iwi - Public utilities

We provide and maintain many of the essential services needed to keep Porirua City going, including:

  • roads, bridges and pedestrian, cycling and transport facilities
  • parking control
  • water supply
  • sewage disposal
  • public toilets
  • household rubbish and recycling collection
  • stormwater collection and disposal.