Annual reporting

Our annual report shows how well we’ve managed our projects, services and financial performance against the original intentions of the Long-term Plan (LTP).

Each year we publish an Annual Report to show you how well we have managed our projects and services, and measure our financial performance against our plans outlined in the Long-term Plan 2021-2051.

Annual Report 2022/23

This year’s Annual Report outlines what we have achieved and how we have performed between 1 July 2022 and 30 June 2023, as well as anything that hasn’t quite gone to plan.

This year the Annual Report and Summary Annual Report for 2022/23 were adopted by the Council on 26 October 2023. Our Annual Report was looked over by independent auditors, on the Auditor-General’s behalf, to make sure everything we are reporting is spot-on.

Download the 2022/23 Annual Report and Summary

Previous reports

Please note: some initial printed copies provided to the public prior 15 December 2020, on page 9 of the 2019/20 Annual Report incorrectly refer to a rezoning of Plimmerton Farm to allow residential development. This is still a proposed change and has not yet been enacted.

Annual Report 2019/20 and Annual Report 2019/20 Summary

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