Long-term planning

Our Long-term Plan (LTP) sets out the priorities, projects and activities we’ll be focusing on over the next 30 years.

Long-term Plan 2024–34

Our Long-term Plan (LTP) outlines to our community how we intend to invest for the next 10+ years. Any year there is not an LTP review and we have significant projects that require public feedback, we will develop an Annual Plan.

The consultation period for the 2024–34 LTP was open from 26 March to 26 April 2024.

For our engagement portal, with the consultation document, key dates, submission form, latest news and important documents click here

You can also read the consultation document here [pdf, 2.71 MB]
And our news release about our focus for the plan here

If you want to read our key proposal on our kerbside rubbish and recycling collection proposal, click here [pdf , 2.57MB]

The city's plan

The Long-term Plan tells the story of why we are focusing on the areas we are, what you told us, what was agreed. It also sets out all the detail of the Financial and Infrastructure strategies, the Revenue and Financing Policy, and the Significance and Engagement Policy.

Performance framework

A performance framework isn't just our performance measures. It includes the Council's strategic priorities, the levels of service we set, and how we measure our performance. A good framework has a strong link from the strategic priorities to the performance measures. Our activities are not independent. They all contribute to the outcomes the Council is trying to achieve.

Long-term Plan 2021–51

Long-term Plan 2021-51-1-cover.png

Download the LTP 202151 here

For the LTP for 2021–2051 LTP, we examined our performance, identified areas for improvement in our current budgets, developed strategic priorities, and spoke with residents and business owners. This was not a "business as usual" LTP for several reasons, such as increased population growth, urgent infrastructure issues (like the state of our water network and its impacts on our harbour), the housing crisis, the effects of climate change, and the ongoing effects of Covid-19. This is the current LTP and we are consulting on the 2024–34 LTP at the moment (until 26 April 2024). You can view the consultation information in our LTP engagement portal.

Previous Long-term Plans

You can view our previous Long-term Plans:

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