Statistics & monitoring

Good information helps us make good decisions for our city and to monitor our progress.

Annual Residents Survey

About the Annual Porirua Residents Satisfaction Survey

Every year we commission a survey of Porirua residents to find out what people think about our performance, services and facilities.

Residents are randomly selected across the city's three wards, making sure there is a proper balance of age, gender and ethnic proportions (based on the census). The person selected for interviewing in each household was the person aged 18 and older who had the next birthday.

In 2014, we engaged independent research company Key Research to conduct the survey. Key Research does similar surveys for other local authorities. This allows a comparison of results with peer groups of similar councils.

What happens with the survey results?

The Annual Residents’ Satisfaction Survey provides information to assist us with priority-setting for long-term and annual planning, as well as performance monitoring via annual reporting.

Previous reports are available on request.

Infometrics Community Profile

This community profile of Porirua City uses census data and has been prepared by Infometrics.  Similar to the ID.Community Profile, census data can be manipulated to meet user needs. The profile enables users to view data on Porirua down to Census Area Unit level and compared units against each other, against the region or the New Zealand average.

Quality of Life Project

The Quality of Life Project gathers a wide range of information about life and well-being in a range of New Zealand cities, including Porirua.  Porirua has been a participant in the Quality of Life Survey since 2004.

Previous reports are available on request.

Porirua City Economic Profile

Produced by Infometrics, the Economic Profile gives insight into Porirua's economic structure and performance over the past year and previous years. See detailed insights into Porirua’s GDP, industry structures, employment, productivity, population, business types, living standard indicators, workforce skillset, and tourist numbers.

Porirua City Quarterly Economic Monitor

Produced by Infometrics, the Quarterly Economic Monitor provides an in-depth description of Porirua’s economic performance. It monitors quarterly statistics on GDP, traffic, consents, house prices, house sales, guest nights, retail sales, vehicle registrations, unemployment rates, migration and jobseeker numbers. 

Wellington Regional Genuine Progress Index (WR-GRI)

Greater Wellington Regional Council and all the Councils in the Wellington Region have developed a new holistic measurement tool - the Wellington Region Genuine Progess Index (WR - GPI). The GPI covers the four aspects of well-being: economic, environmental, social and cultural.