Plimmerton Farm

Porirua is growing and changing rapidly. Population projections in the Porirua Growth Strategy 2048 indicate there is only enough available housing and land to satisfy demand for the next three years.

Proposed Plan Change 18: Plimmerton Farm

Porirua City Council has prepared Proposed Plan Change 18: Plimmerton Farm to the Porirua City District Plan (Plan Change 18), see the proposed changes here.


Under government policy (NPS-UDC) we’re expected to ensure we have land available to address this housing shortfall and provide choice for the diverse needs of current and future residents. And when development does take place, it needs to be undertaken in a way that responds to the well-being of the environment and its people.

The Plimmerton Farm proposed District Plan Change forms part of the Council’s response to the shortfall in housing capacity in Porirua City. It is an area of land identified in the Northern Growth Area under the Porirua Growth Strategy.

Council is working together with Plimmerton Developments Limited (PDL), who own Plimmerton Farm, to ensure there is the right balance between providing housing and managing any impact on the environment.

What we’re proposing

The land is currently zoned ‘rural’ under the Operative District Plan but has been identified as a growth area of Porirua City since 2009. We’re working on a plan change to rezone Plimmerton Farm for urban development

In February 2019, Council approved that an application be made to the Minister for the Environment to use the Streamlined Planning Process (SPP) to progress the plan change to rezone land at Plimmerton Farm. This SPP process involves community and stakeholder engagement and consultation, submissions and a hearing before commissioners, with the Minister making the final decision.

A draft precinct plan has been prepared for the land and once finalised will inform how the site is developed. This plan allows for up to 2,000 houses (from duplexes to single residential dwellings to lifestyle blocks), a retirement village, recreation spaces and walkway and cycleways, retail, a neighbourhood centre, a primary school and maybe a park and ride area. 

What you’ve told us and our response

We’ve been talking to our community, Ngāti Toa and other interested people and organisations. Here’s a snapshot of what you’ve told us and our response.

Plimmerton Farm Community Feedback and District Plan Change Response

What we’re doing with your feedback

Your feedback together with that provided from consultation with Ngāti Toa and key stakeholders, and the information from all our technical reports, has helped us finalise the precinct plan and the objectives, policies and rules for the proposed District Plan Change.

We are also including a summary of the feedback we have received in our application to the Minister to use the SPP. 

Application to Use Streamlined Planning Process

On 1 October 2019 Council applied to the Minister for the Environment to use a Streamlined Planning Process for the Plimmerton Farm Plan Change.

The application is available here.

The application is currently being considered by the Minister for the Environment.

Where we’re at and next steps

These are the steps that we would follow should the Minister approve our application to use the Streamlined Planning Process. The timeframe for the District Plan Change, including when it will be notified, will be set in a direction from the Minster. If our application is approved the timeline will be updated to include dates for each of the steps in the District Plan Change process.

Plimmerton Farm District Plan change timeline

Council approves Proposed Plan Change 18 Plimmerton Farm for notification

On 11 December 2019 Council approved Proposed Plan Change 18 Plimmerton Farm for public notification.

Public notification will either be through the Streamlined Planning Process in accordance with directions issued by the Minister for the Environment, or in the event that the Minister does not approve the use of the Streamlined Planning Process, notification will follow the process set out in Schedule 1 to the Resource Management Act 1991.

The report to Council and the Proposed Plan Change are available on our meeting and minutes web page

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