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Engagement undertaken to date

The District Plan Review has undergone extensive public engagement, from open public consultation campaigns to targetted consultation  on specific topics including: ecology, landscapes & notable treescoastal hazards & resilience; and flood modelling

General public consultation

  • 2015 - consultation was carried out on a number of chapters that make up the District Plan; however only some topics were covered.  Feedback gathered in 2015 was a foundation for the full District Plan Review.

  • 2017 - the ‘Make your Mark’ campaign was developed to give a unique and engaging front to the District Plan. This included visual aids to show ways the city could grow. We attended a number of community events and asked children and young people to doodle on images of the city to get thier views. An issues and options discussion document was also released for feedback. The aim was to check in with the community that the Council had a good understanding of city-wide issues, and potential options to address these issues. See the 2017 Engagement Report.

  • 2018 - a Draft District Plan consisting of objectives and policies was released for community feedback from October to November 2018. We ran a series of community workshops during this period in conjunction with the Growth Strategy, and received 93 submissions via email and through the ePlan feedback portal. See the 2018 Engagement Report.

  • 2019 - we released a full draft District Plan for community feedback in September 2019. We wanted to check in with the community to ensure we have 'hit the mark' before we formally notify the Proposed District Plan under the Resource Management Act. We received 93 submissions on the draft District Plan. See the 2019 Engagement Report.

Targetted consultation

We set up several focus groups to get targetted feedback on various topics , these included:

  • District Plan reference group - this group was made up of members of the Porirua community to give feedback on resource management issues, brainstorm options to address these issues, and gain a valuable community perspective on various aspects of the District Plan Review. 
  • Youth ‘Go Deep’ group - this group was made up of rangatahi from Porirua aged between 17 and 24 who have an active interest in the future development of the city. The purpose of the group is for the Council to understand ways in which the District Plan can enable youth to prosper in Porirua. Their feedback is summarised here.
  • Developers ‘Go Deep’ group -this group was made up of small to large scale developers active in the Porirua area, and land development consultants. The group gave feedback on development issues from their professional perspective, and discussed possible options/solutions to address these issues.

Consultation on specific topics

We have consulted on specific topics of the District Plan due to the large number of landowners involved. See these pages for more information:  ecology, landscapes & notable treescoastal hazards & resilience; and flood modelling

A concerted effort was made over many years to engage with as many of these landowners as possible.

Consultation with Ngāti Toa Rangatira

Council has developed this Proposed District Plan in partnership with Ngāti Toa Rangatira. 

Ngāti Toa have also had the opportunity to review and input into the whole plan under Clause 4A of Schedule 1 of the RMA