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Alert Level 2
Most Council facilities are open and will be operating under the Level 2 guidelines, keep an eye on our Facebook page for regular updates or visit our Covid-19 Services and facilities page. For up to date information about alert levels, community cases, and getting tested visit and

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Hearings Portal

We are getting ready for hearings

We have appointed an independent Hearings Panel to hear submissions on the Proposed District Plan.

There are eight hearing streams in total as outlined in the Hearing Procedures (see a summary in table below).

At this stage, only the dates for the first three hearing streams have been confirmed. The dates for the remaining five hearing streams will be confirmed in due course.

For all hearing-related information please visit our Hearings Portal.

Hearing Stream 1

Hearings Schedule
Hearing Stream 1
27 September to 1 October
Over-arching matters, Plan-wide structural issues, Definitions applying across more than one hearing stream
Hearing Stream 2
29 October to 15 November
Natural Environment Values, Tangata Whenua, Papakāinga
Hearing Stream 3
3 December to 10 December
Hazards and Risks, Historic and Cultural Values
Hearing Stream 4
TBC - likely early February to mid-February 2022
Energy, Infrastructure and Transport, General District-Wide Matters
Hearing Stream 5
TBC - likely mid-March to late March 2022
Subdivision (except urban zones), Rural Zones, Open Space and Recreation Zones, Special Purpose Zones
Hearing Stream 6
TBC - likely mid-April 2022
Hearing Stream 7
TBC - likely early to mid-May 2022
Subdivision (urban zones), Residential Zones, Commercial and Mixed-Use Zones
Hearing Stream 8
TBC - likely mid-June 2022
Interpretation and definitions (not already covered), Any remaining matters, Integration matters

Hearings procedures and minutes

The Hearings Panel released Minute 1 on 13 July 2021 which set out the draft hearings procedures. The Hearings Panel held a conference at Te Rauparaha Arena on Monday 2 August 2021 to introduce themselves to submitters and to seek their feedback on the draft hearings procedures.

The Hearings Panel has now issued updated hearings procedures as Minute 2 (you can view a Redlined version of Minute 2 to see what changes were made to the draft).

The purpose of the procedures is to facilitate a smooth and effective hearings process for all parties, and they clearly set out the actions required by submitters in preparation for the hearings. It is essential that all parties appearing at the hearings are familiar with the hearings procedures.

Minute 3 released on 26 August 2021 provides interim guidance on how the Hearings Panel proposes to operate hearings under different Covid 19 alert levels.

Meet the Hearings Panel

Need a hand?

District Plan hearings processes can be complex and confusing, and the hearings procedures (outlined in Minute 2) provide clear guidance on how the process works and what is expected. Please refer to these in the first instance.

An independent ‘Friend of the Submitter’ service will be available for the duration of the hearings if you need a hand preparing for a hearing or speaking to your submission. Please email or call or call 021 532 284 if you need assistance.

Contact us

A Hearings Administrator and will be the key point of contact with submitters for all hearings related matters. You can contact the administrator at or call (04) 237 3863.

A dedicated Hearings web portal is being set up to host all hearings-related documents, and this will be in place well before Hearing Stream 1 commences. We’ll let you know once this is up and running and will provide guidance on how to use it.