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Porirua City is at the orange setting of the traffic lights protection framework. This means some changes to the way we work and live, as protections are in place to help minimise the spread of Covid-19 in the community. Find out more

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Variation to the Proposed District Plan

Our City is growing

This means changing some parts of the Proposed District Plan to enable increased housing density and choices in our city.

We are preparing a Housing Intensification Variation to meet Council’s obligations to enable housing intensification under the Resource Management (Enabling Housing Supply and Other Matters) Amendment Act.

We are also proposing to rezone land in the Northern Growth Area near Pukerua Bay for urban development.

Council will publicly notify a variation by August 2022, and you will be able to formally submit on the variation and speak to your submission at a hearing.

Enabling housing intensification

Through recent changes to the Resource Management Act and the National Policy Statement for Urban Development, the Government has directed councils to change their district and regional plans to enable increased housing supply and housing intensification in major urban areas.

This means the Proposed District Plan must change to enable medium-density housing in all residential areas in Porirua. This includes adopting new Medium Density Residential Standards which allow up to three houses of three storeys each (12 metres high) to be built on all residential properties as a permitted activity.

In addition, we are required to identify urban areas where even taller buildings can be built such as within the city centre, local centres and commercial areas, and within walking distance of the city centre, public transport stops and local centres.

To make this happen, Council is required to notify a variation to the Proposed District Plan enabling these changes by August 2022.

See Housing Intensification Variation for more information.

Planning for new urban areas

We are proposing to re-zone a large rural area near Pukerua Bay to enable approximately 1000 new homes. This area is within the Northern Growth Area Future Urban Zone in the Proposed District Plan.

These new homes are needed to provide more housing opportunities for our growing City.

See Northern Growth Area for more information.