What are designations?

A Notice of Requirement is the term for an application made by a “Requiring Authority” under the Resource Management Act to create a new designation (a form of 'spot zoning') over land or to alter an existing designation.

Requiring authorities include Ministers of the Crown, local authorities and network utility operators, and need to be approved under the Resource Management Act.

A designation means a requiring authority can do certain works in the designated area without needing a resource consent under the District Plan. A resource consent might still be needed from Greater Wellington Regional Council.

A Notice of Requirement has immediate interim effect when it is notified. This means you need written consent from the requiring authority to do anything in the designated area.

Once the Requiring Authority accepts the local authority's recommendation on the Notice of Requirement (if the recommendation is approval) it becomes a new designation or a change to an existing designation (dependent upon what the requiring authority has accepted).


The Council’s Recommendation Report contains a recommendation for each designation requested by a requiring authority, except for Porirua City Council where a decision was released on 7 December 2023. Below are the decisions for each requiring authority received by Council.

Applications for Notices of Requirement to Designate Land

Below are the applications for new designations:

Rollover Designation Information

Below are the applications for new designations in the Proposed Porirua District Plan::