Open stormwater drains

Making sure silt and sediment doesn't get into open stormwater drains helps keep our environment clean and safe.

If there is an open stormwater drain adjacent to your site, it will be your responsibility to ensure that no sediment gets into the drain from the operations at your site.  The drain's function is to drain clean clear water only.

This can easily be achieved by adopting the measures suggested in these guidance pages AND installing further protection such as a sand bag bund on the upper side of the drain.  This allows sediment to drop out of the stormwater flow before it enters the stormwater drain.

The sand bag bund must be maintained to ensure that it stays in its correct place and does not split open.

Once construction, earthworks and landscaping on the site have been completed, the sand bag can be removed.  But please do not sweep or wash the collected sediment into the stormwater drains.  Instead, please sweep this up and re-deposit it on your site.

Silt and sediment 1

This photo shows sediment that has been eroded off an adjacent building site and getting into an unprotected stormwater drain. This is not acceptable.

earthworks, openstormwater drains

This photo shows the use of sand bag bunds to protect a stormwater drain.  This is acceptable.

Report problems to Council promptly

If there are problems with your stormwater drain adjacent to your site, such as it is full, blocked, broken or dangerous any other way, please log a roading maintenance call by phoning us on (04) 237 5089.