Electric vehicle charging

Low emission vehicles really are the way of the future. It's easy to power up your electric car in Porirua City.

Charge your electric vehicle

There are two electric charging stations in Porirua - in the city centre and at Mana.

For more information check out ChargeNet for a location map and current usage status.

Future of electric vehicles

Some of the first vehicles in the late 19th century were electric vehicles. However, by the 1920s large petroleum discoveries and an expanding road network encouraged rapid uptake of the internal combustion engine – these were faster, could travel further and were quick to refuel.

Climate change, air quality, the cost of imported fuel and other environmental concerns have prompted renewed interest in electric vehicles. This is now an area of rapid development, with some manufacturers using fuel cells, based on piped hydrogen, as the charging source for electric vehicles.

Electric vehicle range is continually improving and prices are dropping as the number of vehicles and economies of scale increase.