Village planning programme

Porirua City's Village Planning Programme is a partnership with our communities to improve and develop their neighbourhoods.

May 2020 Update

During May 2020, the Council met following the Covid lockdown and one item they considered was the Village Planning Programme.

As with everything else, the pandemic caused delays in the programme and highlighted that delivering the capital projects, and keeping up with the work programme was a challenge.

The backlog of projects worth approximately $900,000 will take 18-24 months to complete.

So the Council agreed to pause Village Planning for two years while we continue to complete the current backlog of committed projects.  This means there won’t be project funding rounds for the 2020/21 or 2021/22 financial years, but we still need to work closely with you on completing our backlog of funded projects.

Any savings during this period will be diverted into initiatives that support our recovery and rebuild triggered by the Covid-19 crisis.

The village planning programme puts communities in charge of developing a vision for their neighbourhoods and then partnering with us to make it happen.

The vision is developed through community consultation and put into village plans that lay out the goals and aspirations for the future of their neighbourhood.

Village planning projects

Fourteen communities are actively involved in village planning. Some are just starting out, while others are well established and have developed their own village plans, setting out their vision for their neighbourhood.

The diversity of these plans reflects the differing nature of the villages. Projects have ranged from a new waterfront promenade and skatepark, to a beach management plan and community fairs.

Village plans

Each village plan has been developed by our communities to guide the future development of their villages.  They are accepted as a working document by the city.

All plans are the latest version in PDF.

Village contacts


Hongoeka Marae Committee: Chair Maikara Thorpe: email [email protected]

Pukerua Bay Residents’ Association: Chair Paul FitzGerald: phone 021 500098, and email [email protected]

Community website:

Pukerua Bay Residents’ Association: Deputy Chair Iain MacLean: phone 04 2399237, mobile 027420 3056 and email [email protected]

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