BRANZ site at 1222 Moonshine Road


A Hearing Panel of independent commissioners have been appointed to hear this application on 15 December 2020.

Hearing Chairperson:
Christine Foster, Consultant Planner, CF Consulting Services Limited

Hearing Commissioners:
Linda Kerkmeester and Ray O'Callaghan

The Hearing Panel has issued Minute 1 directing how and when evidence should be filed in preparation for a hearing on 15 December 2020.

All evidence received will be posted here for circulation.

Hearing Notice

The hearing will be held at 9.00 am on Tuesday 15 December 2020 in the Porirua City Council Chamber.

For further details of the hearing please refer to the hearing notice.

Any enquiries regarding the hearing should be directed to Jack Marshall, Senior Committee Adviser at [email protected] or 04 238 1752.

Adjournment of Hearing - Second Minute of the Panel

The panel has issued a second minute covering arrangements for adjournment of the hearing and further timetabling.

Closing of Hearing - Third Minute of the Panel

The panel has issued a third minute formally closing the hearing.


The Commissioners have issued their decision on 19 March 2021.

Council's section 42A report:

RC8091 LU0029-20 - s42A Report BRANZ - Final 23-11-2020

Hearing Documents:

Addendum s 42A report - Potential Draft Conditions

Applicants Opening Submissions

Supplementary s 42A report

Evidence on behalf of the Applicant - BRANZ Limited

Statement of Evidence of Kaetrin Stephenson

Statement of Evidence of Mark Newdick

Statement of Evidence Frank Boffa

Statement of Evidence of Peter Coop

Statement of Evidence of Andrew Horsley

Statement of Evidence Ryan Rose

Draft Conditions Circulated

Draft Conditions 07 January

Closing Submissions

The following documents were received from the applicant:

Reply submissions of counsel for the applicant

Draft Conditions - Applicant Comments and PCC responses

Draft Conditions - Clean version (no markup)

Limited notification resource consent application

Resource Management Act 1991

Limited notification of application for a resource consent under sections 95B & 95E

Name of applicant: Building Research Association of New Zealand Incorporated (BRANZ)

For the site at: 1222 Moonshine Road, Judgeford, Porirua

Council reference: RC8091 – LU0029/20

Limited Notified Resource Consent Application at the BRANZ Campus 1222 Moonshine Road, Judgeford, Porirua City for landuse consent to demolish existing buildings on the western side of the campus with associated earthworks & infrastructure to facilitate construction of new testing and research buildings with a maximum height of 22.6m and 13.3m.

The site is zoned Rural under the Porirua City District Plan 1999, and the application is being assessed as a Discretionary Activity under Rule D.4.1.4(i) as the proposal cannot meet the permitted activity standards.

The Council made a limited notification of the application in June 2020 pursuant to Section 95B & 95E of the Resource Management Act (1991). The application includes an assessment of environmental effects and supporting plans and reports.

Submissions were limited to affected parties who had been notified. Five submissions were received.

Application Documents

  1. Application Form, title & supporting articles
  2. Assessment of Environmental Effects BRANZ
  3. Written Approvals v2
  4. Architectural Plans v2
  5. Civil Engineering Plans
  6. Topographical Survey
  7. Assessment of Landscape and Visual Effects - Version 1 March 2020 (see attachment 29 updated version)
  8. Visual Simulations - REV A - March 2020 (see attachment 30 updated version)
  9. Neighbour Engagement Exercise
  10. Civil Infrastructure Report
  11. Geotechnical Investigation 03.05.2020 (see attachment 35 updated version )
  12. Environmental PSI and DSI
  13. Remediation Action Plan
  14. Earthworks and Construction Management Plan
  15. Traffic and Parking Report
  16. Flood Level Report
  17. Air Quality Report
  18. HASNO statement
  19. Noise report
  20. PCC s92 Request for Further Information
  21. s92 Applicant Response Summary Table
  22. s92 Traffic Response
  23. s92 Flood Hazard Response
  24. s92 Contaminated Soils Response
  25. s92 Water Supply Response
  26. PCC Limited Notification Decision Report
  27. PCC Limited Notification letter and email
  28. Submissions received (1-5)
  29. Assessment of Landscape and Visual Effects - Version 2 - October 2020
  30. Visual Simulations - REV C - October 2020
  31. Visual and Landscape Assessment - Peer Review - Frank Boffa
  32. Boffa Miskell Ltd Landscape & Visual Effects Methodology
  33. Operational rationale for the BRANZ campus redevelopment
  34. Proposed District Plan - Applicant BRANZ Special Purpose Zone assessment
  35. Revised Geotechnical Investigation - 05.10.2020
  36. Tonkin & Taylor Geotechnical Peer Review
  37. PCC Landscape Visual Assessment BRANZ site - 13.11.2020
  38. GWRC Resource Consent WGN200244 - Officers Report
  39. Applicant offered draft conditions 7 Sept 2020

Joint Statement of Landscape Experts

Joint Statement of Landscape Experts - 11 December 2020