Porirua Wastewater Retention Tank

Porirua Wastewater Retention Tank

Most recent update regarding this consultation

Consultation status: Closed 17 November 2021


On 5 August 2021 the Council agreed to issue the NOR for the Central City Wastewater Retention Tank. The NOR will establish a designation that will provide for the construction, maintenance and operation of a 7,000 cubic metre wastewater retention tank at 1 Station Road, Porirua. The retention tank will reduce the number and volume of wastewater overflows into the environment.

A recommendation report was prepared following public notification and receipt of submissions. Independent Commissioner Mark Ashby was appointed to review the recommendation report. Mr Ashby considered the recommendation report along with all evidence and submissions received, and made a recommendation to Council. On Thursday 24 February 2022 the Council agreed to confirm the designation for the CBD Wastewater Retention Tank.

Council meeting minutes including the minutes of this meeting can be found here.

Please refer to 24 February 2022 meeting.

Appeals period:

The decision was notified to submitters and affected landowners on 10 March 2022. Appeals from those parties can be lodged with the Environment Court by 31 March 2022.

Further information on the appeal process and the Environment Court Forms and Fees can be found at http://www.environmentguide.org.nz

Notice of requirement for designation

Resource Management Act 1991

Notification of notice of requirement for designation under Section 168A(1A)

Requiring authority: Porirua City Council

Council reference: RC8393 - DN0013/21

The Proposal

The requiring authority proposes:

The notice of requirement has been issued to designate an area adjacent to State Highway 1 at 1 Station Road to provide for a public work, being the construction, operation and maintenance of a 7,000m³ wastewater retention tank. The retention tank is required to reduce the number and volume of wastewater overflows into Te Awarua-o-Porirua.

The key aspects of the land use component of the proposal include:

  • A 7,000m³ wastewater retention tank;
  • Associated infrastructure including:
    • Two reinforced concrete buried weir chambers approximately 28m² in area and 5m in height;
    • A new partially buried pump station approximately 130m² in size and 6m above ground level;
    • New wastewater pipeline 1.2m in diameter and approximately 325m long;
    • New wastewater rising main 0.90m in diameter and approximately 240m long;
    • Various new pipe work and 15 manholes to provide connections to existing and new infrastructure; and
    • A new bridge over Kenepuru Stream approximately 18m long and 5m wide.
  • Landscaping and enhancement works are proposed including:
    • Reinstatement of approximately 5,600m² of cleared terrestrial vegetation with indigenous species;
    • New planting of approximately 1,600m² in previously open grass areas;
    • Enhancement of approximately 2,300m² of existing terrestrial and riparian vegetation through weed control and supplemental vegetation; and
    • Reinstatement of approximately 120m² of disturbed wetland, and enhancement of an additional 240m² of existing wetland environment.
  • A new bridge over the Kenepuru Stream to provide access to the site for construction, and ongoing operation.

A designation enables activities to be carried out by the requiring authority for the purpose of the designation, without requiring resource consent under section 9(3) of the RMA.

The notice of requirement may be inspected at the Porirua City Council, Administration Building, Customer Service Centre (ground floor), Cobham Court, Porirua, between the hours of 9am and 5pm, or on the Porirua City Council website – www.poriruacity.govt.nz. Please contact Ellen Seumanufagai on 04 237 1494 if you have any questions about the notice of requirement.

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