David Christensen (Independent)


My principal place of residence is in the Pāuatahanui General Ward area.

Many of you will know me as the owner of Laughalots Playland in Porirua. My background is management and governance of multi-million dollar projects with global companies including IBM. I have over 30 years experience in large and small business.

That experience is needed in Council.

I've lived in Porirua since I arrived in NZ in 1999 and we built our home on Paekak Hill in 2004. I know our community well. As a Councillor, I'll ensure that every council department is delivering the best possible outcomes for everyone. I can't promise to keep everyone happy all the time, however I can promise to do my best to ensure that council budget is used to deliver the best value, maximising the use of monies that all of us pay as ratepayers.

Contact: [email protected]