Faafoi Seiuli


My principal place of residence is in the Onepoto General Ward area.

My family and I came to Porirua when I was 6, I'm now a grandfather. Our 6 children were born and raised in Porirua. My parents and many of my family are here. I've been involved in our community for over 25-35 years in sport, working with young people both in colleges/community, and with church. Porirua is growing and needs experienced people on council who can support positive change. I wish to continue to be your voice on council to share your concerns and to help make decisions that will bring businesses, make city more vibrant, that our infrastructure will cope with a growing city and that our people and communities continue to love our city. A lot of opportunities ahead for Porirua, exciting times. Please place a 1 by Faafoi SEIULI.

Contact: [email protected]