Mike Duncan


My principal place of residence is in the Onepoto General Ward area.

I'm a "what you see is what you get" man, hard worker and not afraid to speak out.

A councillor for two terms, I have a broad understanding of Porirua's strengths and stresses.

We need experienced councillors to get the best out of the huge changes in store for local government.

The council has more work to do; improving our harbour, investing more in basics like roads and 3-waters. It also has to rein in costs to ease rate increases.

I grew up in Eastern Porirua and when our family moved from Mungavin to Waihora, I fell for the girl next door and we raised our six kids in Titahi Bay. Family is everything to us and the fact our grandchildren are growing up here motivates me to continue to serve and improve our city.

Please give me your vote No 1 and David Turner your No 2.

Contact: [email protected]