Nathan Waddle


My principal place of residence is not in the Pāuatahanui General Ward area.

We live in a diverse, growing city that is already leading the way in our region in many ways. We can still do more in our communities. Having been born and raised here, working in Whitby, and now as a local home-owner myself, I have a good sense of what residents want from their council.

In the coming years Porirua will continue to grow and change, much like local government is about to undergo the biggest reforms in a generation. As one of your sitting councillors, with 3 years of council experience under my belt, I am ready to continue to deliver what's best for our city. We also have to be mindful of the affect rates have on your back pocket. I am committed to the continued growth and progress of our city in this beautiful environment we call home.

Vote me #1 for honest and consistent decision making.

Contact: [email protected]