Tapu Elia


My principal place of residence is in the Onepoto General Ward area. I am also standing for Mayor.

Kia Ora, Kia Orana, Talofa and warm greetings Porirua.

Ko Tapu Elia toku ingoa.

VOTE#1TAPU as Onepoto General Ward Councillor or Mayor of Porirua 2022.

Living in Cannons Creek, Porirua East for over 25 years, I have seen, felt and heard the negative impact of poor decision-makers.

In the East, it is getting harder for families to stay in Porirua, while the rich areas get all the upgrades, the East keeps getting the crumbs. This is not fair! We need to make some drastic changes with urgency to create a fairer future for the East and all of Porirua. I want to stand up for you to ensure our rangatahi have the future they deserve.

Make your vote count!

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Thank you and God Bless!

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