Zechariah Fred Reuelu (Independent)

PCC_OnepotoGeneralWard_REUELU-Zechariah Fred

My principal place of residence is not in the Onepoto General Ward area.

As a son of Porirua, I'm committed to ensuring that the place I was raised in, work in and have deep community roots in, is vibrant and resilient to meet the challenges of the future.

My vision for Porirua is a city that seizes economic development opportunities to improve employment and business prospects; a city that nurtures the community, whether it is about housing or making us safer; a city that values diversity and also cares about our recreational and cultural life.

Currently there's a disconnect between our community and the council, so I want to ensure that the council services will meet our current and future needs, while being financially prudent so that ratepayers and residents aren't burdened by the costs.

Voting Reuelu #1 is saying that you want someone with vision, who will advocate for you at the council table and who can get the job done.

Contact: [email protected]