Access to Electoral Rolls and Data | Te toro atu ki ngā rārangi pōti me ngā raraunga

Access to Electoral Rolls and Data

  • If you wish to obtain a hard copy of the 2019 marked roll (this shows if a person has voted or not) this can be purchased through the Democratic Services at Porirua City Council at any time for $75.00. Please email [email protected] for more information.
  • The Electoral Commission does not permit Electoral Officers (or councils) to provide any person with an electronic copy of the electoral roll – marked (shows who has voted) or unmarked.
  • You can apply to the Electoral Commission for a copy of the elector data in electronic form. The Commission will not provide you with a marked roll either electronically or in hard copy form, as this information is generated from the roll scrutiny process Council’s service provider undertakes. If you require a copy of the elector data an application form is required to be completed. These are available upon request from the Electoral Commission ([email protected]).

Electoral Roles and Data During the 2022 Local Government Election