Elected member pay | Te utu ki ngā mema pōti

The remuneration (salary) available for all the different roles

Elected members are entitled to be paid for the work undertaken. This remuneration is generally by way of a base salary.

A remuneration pool is set by the Remuneration Authority. The newly elected Council will decide how to apply the pool of funding. Some expenses are also reimbursed.

The pool is more than the minimum amount that can be paid to each Councillor, so the Council must then decide how to allocate the rest of the money between elected members. The Remuneration Authority also directly sets the pay of the mayor.

Following the 2022 local elections, the remuneration of the Mayor will be set at $151,954. The pool available to be split between Councillors will be $593,234.

The minimum remuneration for a Councillor is set at $42,136. This will leave $171,874 to be allocated to elected members by the Council following the election. The Council must allocate all of the pool. Elected members are required to accept the allocated remuneration.


The remuneration for the Mayor following the 2022 local elections will be $151,954.


Minimum pay following the 2022 local elections: $42,136.

Current pay for councillors with no additional responsibilities: $51,564.

Councillors with additional responsibilities are currently paid at the following rates:

Deputy Mayor: $72,662

Chair Te Puna Kōrero: $69,826

Chair Chief Executive’s Employment Committee: $56,195