Splash Pad

Check out our new Splash Pad at Aotea Lagoon. It's a splashing good time for everyone!

There's something for all ages at our new Splash Pad and best of all it's free! 

Toddlers will be treated to water jellies and misters. Older kids will get to enjoy spray cannons and a massive dumper bucket named 'supersplash'. There's also an area for the whole family where you can experience a variety of different water jets and a watery rainforest.

#DiscoverPorirua - art, events, great coffee and kai, beaches, walks and bike rides. Let us take you on a tour of our city.  Mā te wā.

Grab your togs, towel, and sunscreen and have a blast!

Splash Pad 2

Don't forget to bring your own food, umbrella and blanket and enjoy a day at Aotea Lagoon's splash pad. We've built new paths, installed picnic tables, sown new grass, and tidied the area to add to the experience.  Large trees to provide shade have also been planted.


Located in the middle of Aotea Lagoon in Porirua.

Address The middle of Aotea Lagoon, on the No. 1 Lawn. Aotea Lagoon is at 3 Papakowhai Road, Papakowhai, Porirua City.
Opening Hours 9am to dusk (hours will vary with the seasons)

Frequently asked questions

Interested to know more about our new Splash Pad? See below for more details.

A. The Splash Pad is in the middle of Aotea Lagoon, on the No. 1 Lawn. Aotea Lagoon is at 3 Papakowhai Road, Papakowhai, Porirua City.  

A. The Splash Pad will run from 9am to dusk.  The water will not run outside of those times.  The hours will vary with the seasons.

A. There are two activator buttons – one on a bollard and a foot button on the surface of the pad.  

A.  The splash pad runs on a three minute pre-programmed cycle and will stop itself unless one of the activator buttons is pushed again.

A. You may be trying to use the Splash Pad outside of operating hours (see above) or there may be a technical or water quality issue that our staff will resolve. 

A. The Splash Pad runs on 10,000 litres of recirculated water that comes from our town water supply. It is held in a large tank underground. 

A. The water passes through multiple filters removing debris including wind-blown leaves and dirt before it is dosed with chlorine and the PH balanced. The water is then returned to the Splash Pad.

A. We ask that young ones wear swim nappies and there’s no food or drink on the splash pad.  Please also apply sunscreen at least 15 minutes before going onto the pad.

A. We’d rather you didn’t. The water is safe for human contact but we recommend you use the drinking fountains in the park.  One is at the playground by the timber fort, and another is south of the Splash Pad by the fitness equipment. There is another drinking fountain which has a bubbler and bottle filler right beside the path that leads to the Splash Pad.

A. The water used by the Splash Pad is treated and recirculated with very little lost in the process.

A. No - The water drains away immediately and does not pool on the Splash Pad. 

A. No, the Splash Pad is free and open to the whole community during operating hours.  

A. There are car parks at the southern and northern end of the reserve, and you can parallel park on both sides of Papakowhai Road.  There is accessible parking in the southern carpark. None of it has time restrictions.

A. There is a toilet block beside the southern car park, outside of the park on the road side.  A second toilet block is inside the park just north of the splash pad. Neither has dedicated changing space; however the northern toilet block has baby changing facilities in the women’s toilet. 

A. There is a coffee caravan by the middle entrance to the park and a Mr Whippy van operates from time to time in the area. 

A. Aotea Lagoon has a playground, grass areas for picnics and games, BBQ facilities, a rose garden and herbaceous borders, exercise stations, and a petanque pit.  A miniature railway operates on Sundays 1pm – 4pm.   

Aotea Lagoon also hosts a number of events through the year.

Look out for information on the events page of our website.

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