Children and young people

Children and young people are the future of our city, and at the heart of decision making.

Children and young people at the heart of our city

We have made a commitment to supporting children and young people – placing them ‘at the heart our city’. As a strategic priority this means ensuring our plans and our decisions help all our children to reach their potential. It also means providing a healthy and beautiful city in which to grow up.

Why is this important?

Children and young people

  • make up a large part of our population (nearly 40% aged under 25 years)
  • are big users of Council services and facilities
  • have a different perspective from adults
  • don’t vote and therefore have limited influence
  • have to live with the legacy of our decisions on the shape and function of the city, and
  • will be our residents, our leaders and our workforce of the future.

It is the Council’s view that there are long-term benefits for the City if we take a strengths-based approach to promoting the wellbeing of our children and young people.  

We believe that if we are more inclusive in our thinking we will make better and more enduring decisions together that will benefit everyone. As one young person aptly put it – “we are the community and we want to be part of making it a cool place to live”.

Four key focus areas

Our work to put children and young people at the centre of city decisions is focused on four areas:

We also take a special interest in housing quality as this is a key determinant of child health.

Status of children and young people in Porirua

People aged under 25 years make up nearly 40 per cent of our population. We want them to feel proud of the city they live in and have opportunities to participate in city life.

As part of this work, we need to know how well children and young people are doing. The Status Report collates wellbeing indicators across a range of areas, including health, education, engagement, recreation, satisfaction with living in Porirua, housing and safety.  Each Status Report includes comparisons with national averages and provides ethnic breakdowns when available.

The report is produced annually.  We use it to review the way we support children and young people and make changes if required. It provides us with an advocacy platform for issues outside our control.  We also encourage others to use this information in their work with children and young people.

Latest news

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Projects targeting youth get initial funding nod

Two projects that will build self-esteem, relationships and strengthen families are in line for funding.

27 Apr 2018
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Porirua City looking out for its children and young people

Porirua City’s Status Report on children and young people is being used to help the Council better understand the needs of our tamariki and rangatahi, says Mayor Mike Tana.

22 Feb 2018

Funding for children and young people

We've created several funds for children and young people to apply for, so they can achieve their goals.

Check out our funding page for more information.

What's next?

We have developed a draft Strategic Framework for Children and Young People 2019–21. This has been informed by what children and young people have told us through submissions, workshops and informal discussions and data in the Status Report. 

The Strategic Framework will be finalised by the Council by June 2018 after we have discussions with key community stakeholders about the focus areas in the framework and areas of shared interest.