Kenepuru corridor project updates

There are a number of Kenepuru Corridor projects underway. Keep an eye on this page for what's going on and where things are at.

Our latest projects

Update - September 2020

Kenepuru Drive Shared Path (Kenepuru Station Access to Bluff Road)

We are pleased to announce that the contract for the construction of the shared path has been awarded to Downer, with work scheduled to begin in September 2020. Construction will occur during the day with completion scheduled for November 2020, weather permitting.

Parking restrictions in front of ESR

While the shared path is being built there will be less parking available on the street in front of ESR, as we will have temporary traffic management measures in place to enable the construction to be completed safely and efficiently.

As a heads up, following completion of the shared path, permanent parking restrictions are likely to
be put in place in front of ESR to increase visibility and make it safer for pedestrians using the crossing
point south of Bluff Road. The extent of these restrictions will be confirmed once details become

Update - August 2020

Kenepuru Drive/Raiha Street Roundabout

We are pleased to announce that the contract for construction of the roundabout has been awarded to Downer, with work scheduled to begin in September 2020. The majority of construction will occur at night with completion in November 2020, weather permitting. All road users will need to take care while work is underway, and temporary traffic management will be in place.

Kenepuru Corridor Package 1

Design work is underway on the following projects with construction scheduled to begin in the first

half of 2021:

  • Raiha Street/Broken Hill Road intersection
  • Raiha Street/Prosser Street intersection
  • Main Road/Wall Place intersection
  • Kenepuru Drive Cycle Crossing Point (approximately 100m south of Flooring Xtra)

Kenepuru Drive Temporary Crossing - 8 July 2020

We’re installing a temporary crossing point on Kenepuru Drive, to help people get safely across the busy road.

The crossing will be put in place this week near the intersection with Bluff Road. Work should only take a day or two.

There are other improvements in the pipeline for pedestrians and cyclists, but with lots of new people moving into the area we want to get this crossing point in place now, to help keep residents and workers safe.

 It will also connect with the improved access to the Kenepuru Railway Station which has been resurfaced and had new lighting installed.


Update - April 2020

As previously advised in Kenepuru Corridor Update#7, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 the Information Evening scheduled for 1 April 2020 at the Kapi-Mana Darts Hall between 5 and 6pm was cancelled.

Our priority is everyone’s health and wellbeing and we are following Government guidelines, and as a result we are seeking feedback from Stakeholders on the recommended option using the web-page that has been set up for this project.

The recommended option has considered the feedback from the December 2019 Stakeholder meeting for each of the following intersections including a new project (Kenepuru Drive Cycle Crossing Point) noting that we have had to balance at times the competing needs from different road users:

Update - December 2019 

We have three projects in the pipeline that we'd like your feedback on. Click on the links below to find out more about each, and let us know what you think.

Transmission Gully interchange with Kenepuru Drive

Update - October 2019

Traffic Management - Kenepuru Drive

kenepuru drive TG interchange transport management graphic

We’re working with CPB HEB to connect Kenepuru Drive to the new Transmission Gully roundabout. This means creating safe working areas by separating traffic and pedestrians from the work site.

From Monday 7 October cones and barriers will be placed on Kenepuru Drive between Porirua Autocrash Repairs and just north of North City 10 Pin Bowling – narrowing and pushing both lanes of Kenepuru Drive to the west. This set up will remain in place for around six weeks. Later in November the cones and barriers will be moved to push traffic to the east.

Pedestrian access will be maintained throughout but please take extra care and observe all diversion signs if walking through this area. Cyclists can continue to use Kenepuru Drive.

Outside of peak travel times occasional stop/go traffic management and associated speed restrictions will be in place. At all other times the speed limit will remain at 50km/h throughout these works however, please plan for potential delays, take extra care and allow a little extra time for your journey.

We apologise in advance for any disturbance, but Transmission Gully is on the home run! Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call CPB HEB's project freephone on 0800 84 4636 (0800 TG INFO) or email

You can also sign up at for regular email updates.

Kenepuru Station access, crossing point & shared path

June 2019

We’re planning a shared path for walkers and cyclists, with access from Kenepuru Station and an improved safe crossing point across Kenepuru Drive.

This is important because of growth in this area, including Kenepuru Landing and Summerset retirement village.

The initial concept showed a shared path on the eastern side of Kenepuru Drive, but your feedback, and safety considerations, suggested that the western side would be more suitable.

Based on that, we’ve developed this new concept.

Kenepuru Station crossing  point shared path

Key features

  • 3m wide shared path on the western side of Kenepuru Drive.
  • Crossing point with larger refuge – big enough to fit bicycles, pedestrians or a mobility scooter.

Kenepuru Drive cross section - AA


Kenepuru Drive cross section BB

Kenepuru/Raiha intersection overview

June 2019


Traffic at this intersection is forecast to increase significantly with the opening of Transmission Gully, the Porirua Adventure Park and Kenepuru Landing.

This is likely to increase delays, and make crashes more common and more severe.

We want an option that balances safety and efficiency while future proofing until at least 2031.

There are a number of stakeholders with potentially conflicting needs – pedestrians, cyclists, public transport, over dimension vehicles and general traffic.

We sought feedback from stakeholders and independent safety assessors and will continue to do so.

Where it’s at

A roundabout was selected as the preferred option and a concept developed.

Kenepuru Drive Raiha intersection map

Key requirements

  • Address the intersection delays, especially for those turning right from Raiha Street
  • Cater for pedestrians and cyclists by keeping through speeds to below 30 km/h, in line with safe system principles
  • Enable u-turns by 12m long single unit trucks
  • Cater for over dimension vehicles and large trucks.

As there are a number of uncertainties, including the impact of Transmission Gully, we believe it would be prudent to install a temporary roundabout before Transmission Gully opens which allows the design to be tested by road users and modified as needed. The temporary roundabout is likely to be in place for at least 12 months before the permanent roundabout is constructed.

Updates on our other Kenepuru roading projects

Kenepuru/Lower Main Drive

The next phase of this project is to develop an Implementation Plan for this intersection and others in the vicinity, and this is underway.

The Implementation Plan will identify which intersections will be upgraded – and when and how.

This plan should be completed in 2019.

Your feedback has been recorded and will be factored into future planning.

Kenepuru Drive – northern section

We’ve noted your feedback from the last information evening and from our website. Once the other projects are advanced our focus will shift to developing a long term plan with stakeholders on what’s needed on these sections of Kenepuru Drive.

Kenepuru Drive – southern section

As with the northern section, outlined above. We also have an update on the Kenepuru culvert, which is in this section:

  • We’ve done a structural assessment of the loading capacity of the existing culvert and found that the culvert has got full loading capacity.
  • This results in the lifting of restrictions on this route for overweight transport.
  • The previous special bridge conditions relating to overweight permits – not allowing a vehicle to go across the culvert in Kenepuru Drive north of Ambulance Drive, AND that Kenepuru Drive can only be entered from the correct end, no longer apply.
  • Overweight vehicles can now enter Kenepuru Drive from both ends, and vehicles intending to cross the Kenepuru culvert are subject to the standard conditions of the overweight permit only, not special bridge conditions as applied in the past.

TG interchange with Kenepuru Drive

Preparation work continues adjacent to Kenepuru Drive for the bridge across the railway line. Once this is complete work will begin on filling the embankment between the bridge and Kenepuru Drive to make it level to the existing road, to prepare for the roundabout construction. The work that follows that may have some impact on Kenepuru Drive with temporary traffic management in place.

This is likely to be in early spring.