Awards in Porirua

Volunteers, Individuals, businesses and community groups make up the heart of Porirua. Let’s celebrate our awesome volunteers for their valuable contribution to the city.

Civic Awards Photo

Porirua Civic Awards

Recognises citizens, who by their personal leadership, inspiration, sacrifice or devotion to a cause, have made a significant contribution to the community.

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Wellington Airport Regional Community Awards

Community Groups
Recognises the work carried out by community groups in Porirua. Celebrates volunteers for their valuable contribution to society.

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Wellington Sport and Recreation Awards

Acknowledges and celebrates the contribution sport and recreation makes to the community.


Porirua Sports Awards

Recognise, celebrate and reward sports people living in Porirua City for their achievements. Nomination form

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The Wellys

Celebration of individuals across all sectors of our community. These people make Porirua an exciting and vibrant place to live and work.

Gold Awards

Wellington Gold Awards

In association with The Dominion Post, the Gold Awards celebrate excellence and enterprise of businesses in Porirua.


Porirua Hall of Fame

It highlights a group of individuals that have helped put Porirua on the map with their contributions in the sporting, arts and political fields.