Committees are the workhorses of our council, where councillors, staff, advisors and you work together to identify the best course of action and make it happen.

Council Committee structure 

If you have a great idea, a concern or some expertise to share, a committee is where you should do that. You’re welcome to attend any of our committee meetings.

Contact Democratic Services on phone (04) 237 5089 or email to let us know you're coming and if you wish to speak.

Council & committee membership and terms of reference

Chairperson: Mayor Anita Baker

Deputy Chairperson: Councillor Izzy Ford (Deputy Mayor)

Members: The Mayor and all Councillors.  Taku Parai, Council Kaumātua (Te Runanga o Toa Rangatira) - Non-voting member.

Meeting Frequency: Monthly

Purpose: To carry out leadership, vision, strategic priorities and the outcomes sought for the Porirua City. The Council has the authority to delegate a range of decision-making powers to its subordinate committees and provides the Chief Executive with a range of delegations to enable it to operate on a day to day basis.

Chairperson: Warren Allen

Deputy Chairperson: Councillor Josh Trlin

Membership: Mayor Baker, Councillors  Izzy Ford, Euon Murrell, Mike Duncan and Graeme Mitchell (external member)

Meeting Frequency: Quarterly

Purpose: To assist the Council by ensuring there are robust internal controls for financial and non-financial assets, and that there are appropriate arrangements for internal and external reporting and accountability, risk management, internal and external audit functions and compliance with statutory processes, standards and best practice.

Chairperson: Councillor Euon Murrell

Deputy Chairperson: Mayor Anita Baker

Membership: Councillors Izzy Ford, Kylie Wihapi, Ross Leggett, Nathan Waddle; Taku Parai, Council Kaumātua (Te Runanga o Toa Rangatira)

Meeting Frequency: Three times per annum, or as required

Purpose: To manage the Council’s working relationship with the Chief Executive as required under the Local Government Act 2002.

Chairperson: Councillor Ross Leggett

Deputy Chairperson: Councillor Izzy Ford

Membership: The Mayor and all Councillors, Taku Parai, Council Kaumātua (Te Runanga o Toa Rangatira)

Meeting Frequency: Fortnightly

Purpose: To ensure the implementation of the Council’s strategic direction and framework as set out in the Long-term Plan and Annual Plan through sound decision-making, strategy, policy, planning, service delivery and operations.

Chairperson: Cr Kylie Wihapi

Deputy Chairperson: Cr Mike Duncan

Membership: Crs Wihapi and Duncan, and list members: Rachel Palu, Nicole Maloney, Saar Conen Rohen, Kevin Watson, Sandy Gill.

Meeting Frequency: As required

Purpose: The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 (the Act) requires the Council to appoint 1 or more District Licensing Committees to deal with licensing matters (Section 186).   The Porirua Licensing Committee is appointed to administer the Council’s alcohol licensing framework as determined by the Act and the Council’s Local Alcohol Policy (101KB pdf).

Joint committees with Wellington City Council and/or Greater Wellington Regional Council:

We also appoint councillors to represent Porirua City on outside organisations or groups, as well as on joint committees with other councils in the region.

Chairperson: Tbc

Deputy Chairperson: Tbc

Membership: Tbc

Meeting Frequency: 4 times per year

Purpose: The purpose of the Te Awarua-o-Porirua Harbour and Catchment Joint Committee (Harbour Committee) is to oversee the development, monitoring, review and implementation of the Porirua Harbour and Catchment Strategy and Action Plan 2012 (Harbour Strategy).

Wastewater Treatment Plant and Landfill Joint Committee

Chairperson: Councillor Euon Murrell 

Membership: Councillors Euon Murrell, Mike Duncan; Geoff Hayward (Porirua City Council). Councillor Laurie Foon (with Councillor Jenny Condie as alternate) (Wellington City Council). 

Meeting Frequency: Quarterly

Purpose: To provide governance for the joint services entered into by the Porirua and Wellington City Councils through the joint venture agreements for the Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Spicer Valley Landfill and the associated land.

Terms of reference

The make-up of our committees is reviewed after each local body election and the terms of reference are decided. You can download and print the full Terms of Reference from the link below.

Terms of Reference for Council, Committees, and Subcommittees 2019 - 2022

Wellington Regional Triennial Agreement 2019/22

We have an agreement to work with the other councils in the Greater Wellington region.  This agreement is renewed every three years after local body elections.