Murray Faivalu (Independent)


My principal place of residence is in the Onepoto General Ward area.

Talofa Lava, my name is Murray Faivalu. I'm 22, and I'm running for an opportunity to represent our communities living within the Onepoto General Ward. I'm proud to live, work and grow in this amazing city, that has helped raise me up. This is a critical election. The impacts of COVID-19, the rise in the cost of living, the impacts of climate change, the need for more safe, warm and affordable housing, and other complex issues, requires bold and decisive leadership in the next council, to ensure action on these challenges, further investment into key infrastructure, and meet the demands of changing reforms whilst embracing our values, and upholding the mana of our people. I relish the chance to serve, to be a voice, reflecting our entire city. I'm committed to Porirua, and I'm optimistic about what we can achieve together for Onepoto, and our city. I seek your confidence.