Wards Maps and Boundaries

Porirua City Wards

Porirua City is represented by a Mayor and 10 councillors.

These 10 councillors are elected from three "wards".

Two of these are "general" wards, being elected by those on the General Roll, and one is a Māori ward, elected by those on the Māori Electoral Roll.

Please note these wards are different from previous elections.

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Māori ward: Parirua Māori Ward

Community Trust Ward: Ward 1

Greater Wellington Regional Council Constituency: Porirua-Tawa

General and Māori Electoral Rolls

If you are of Māori descent, you have an option when you enrol to vote to go onto either the general roll or Māori roll. You can change rolls once every six years.

This is called the "Māori Electoral Option". The next option to change rolls will be in 2024.

The Government has introduced legislation to Parliament that will allow those of Māori descent to change between the general and Māori roll at any time, however this will not be in place for the 2022 local elections. The Māori Electoral Option is managed by the Electoral Commission.

The electoral rolls are the same for Parliamentary elections, and local elections.

Why three wards?

Porirua City Council voted to establish a Māori Ward in May 2021. Following this, a representation review was undertaken to ensure the ward structure provided fair and effective representation for the City.

Council decided on the below ward structure to represent the City. These wards were subsequently appealed to, and upheld by the Local Government Commission.

Councillors, whether elected from General or Māori wards, represent the entire community in the City. 

The wards are as follows:

  • Onepoto General Ward, electing five Councillors.
  • Pāuatahanui General Ward, electing four Councillors.
  • Parirua Māori Ward, electing one Councillor.

A map of the General wards can be found here.

Detailed plans of all the wards can be found here.

General Wards

The two general wards are the Onepoto General Ward and the Pāuatahanui General Ward.

You will vote in the general wards if you are on the general electoral roll.

Onepoto General Ward

The Onepoto general ward elects five Councillors, and is made up of the following areas in Porirua City:

  • Mana Island
  • Tītahi Bay
  • Takapūwāhia
  • Elsdon
  • Kenepuru
  • Porirua City Centre
  • Ranui
  • Cannons Creek
  • Aotea
  • Waitangirua
  • Ascot Park.

Pāuatahanui General Ward

The Pāuatahanui general ward elects four Councillors, and is made up of the following areas in Porirua City:

  • Pukerua Bay
  • Paekākāriki Hill
  • Judgeford
  • Plimmerton
  • Hongoeka
  • Camborne
  • Paremata
  • Whitby
  • Pāuatahanui
  • Papakōwhai.

Parirua Māori Ward

Maori ward

The Māori ward is the Parirua Māori Ward.

You will vote in the Parirua Māori ward if you are on the Māori electoral roll.

The Parirua Māori Ward elects one councillor, and is made up of the entirety of Porirua City.