Council property records

You can view information we hold about properties within Porirua City at our offices.

What property information can I obtain?

The information we hold about a property may include:

  • Building Consent and Permit applications.
  • Project Information Memorandum (PIM) applications.
  • Building Consents Permits issued.
  • Code Compliance Certificates issued.
  • Certificate of Acceptance issued (where applicable).
  • Notices to Fix.
  • Building plans and specifications.
  • Plumbing and drainage plans.
  • Other relevant documentation issued or received by Council relating to the property.

These files may be viewed using the special computer stations located in our relocated Customer Services Centre on the Ground Floor of the BNZ Building, 14 Hartham Place, Porirua, from December 8. Instructions are provided at each station to lead you through the process.

You may obtain copies of any documents you require upon request at the Customer Services counter. A copy charge is payable according to the fee scale displayed on the public counter.

Telephone requests for file information are not accepted.

You may view the files between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays (Thursday from 9 am).

Enquiries about information held on file

We cannot guarantee the accuracy or validity of the documents we have on file as work may have occurred without it being advised to us.

If you have any query about file content, discuss it with a Customer Services Officer or obtain appropriate independent professional advice.

Online property information

Rates data

Property Search - view rates and information about individual properties.

Maps, geospatial information and property boundaries

GIS Maps - GIS cadastral data, spatial data, maps and aerial photos

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